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In December of 2008, Peg Trill brought a longtime dream to donate new bikes to needy families on Christmas Eve to reality by founding "Santa's Wheels". A non-profit organization, with the help of local agencies we anonymously donate new bikes to the needy to be put under the tree from Santa. Our mission is to bring Santa's love to the needy. By remaining anonymous, we give the gift of Santa to both parents and children.

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Santa's Wheels would like to extend our gratitude to Curt Heckman and Paul Schmidt who attained their goals in the "100 Hole Hike" held on June 16th at the Saucon Valley Country Club. Curt and Paul were playing in support of Santa's Wheels.

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    Published: December 18, 2013


       It’s been five years since Peg Trill founded Santa’s Wheels, but the thrill of knowing there will be bicycles under the tree for some less fortunate children still makes her heart jump for joy. “I never realized the joy you get on Christmas morning just thinking of all those kids coming down to find a bike under the tree,” she said. “Every bike is a little face. They’re all little faces to me.”


       Trill and her brother, Mike Jennings, founded Santa’s Wheels in 2008 as a way to honor their mother, who died on Christmas Day. “I was trying to find some joy in Christmas after losing my mom,” said Trill, an insurance agent in Ridley Township. To identify children and families in need, they teamed up with Chester Township Police Capt. Laura Dixon Hartshorn, who is the liaison between the local housing authority, the parents and Santa’s Wheels. “The need, unfortunately, is still there,” Trill said.


       The first year, Trill and Jennings gave local children three bikes they purchased. Their efforts have grown substantially every year. This Christmas they anticipate being able to give away between 75 and 100 bikes. Chester Township employees drop of the bikes after dark on Christmas Eve. “It amazes me every year how much joy I did get out of it,” Trill said. “Everybody who donates realizes the joy they get from this.”


       The endeavor is a family thing, Trill said. Her son serves as the treasurer, Jennings is the non-profit’s director and his daughter, Stephanie Jennings, is the secretary. Tim Fizzano is the organization’s logistics director. Trill said she tells everyone who donates to the charity the thrill she still gets on Christmas morning knowing all of the children who will wake up to find a bike under the tree. Others who have donated have returned, saying they felt the same thing. “That joy also extends to the parents who get to be Santa,” she said. “I thought I was just making kids happy.”


       This Sunday anyone who’d like to donate a bike or make a monetary donation can do so from noon to 3 p.m. at the Steve DiBlasi State Farm Agency, 2136 MacDade Boulevard in the Holmes section of Ridley Township. If you would like to make a donation but can’t get the bike to Holmes, you can call 610-399-3424 or email the charity at santaswheels@gmail.com and a pickup will be arranged. All donations are tax deductible.


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    If you would like to donate a new bike and cannot make our Bike Drop Off Event on Sunday December 20th please email us at:         santaswheels@gmail.com or call 610-399-3424 to schedule a pick-up


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