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In December of 2008, Peg Trill brought a longtime dream to donate new bikes to needy families on Christmas Eve to reality by founding "Santa's Wheels". A non-profit organization, with the help of local agencies we anonymously donate new bikes to the needy to be put under the tree from Santa. Our mission is to bring Santa's love to the needy. By remaining anonymous, we give the gift of Santa to both parents and children.

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Santa's Wheels would like to extend our gratitude to Steve DiBlasi State Farm. Steve will be hosting the Santa's Wheels Bike Drop Off again this year. Not only does he host the event but also helps with his bike building skills.


The Chester Twp Police Department continue to support the families of their community and partner with Santa's Wheels to help deliver the spirit of Santa to those in need.

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  • Bringing Santa's love to the needy

    Published: December  2015


    It was almost five decades ago when Peg Trill woke up on Christmas morning with more excitement than any previous Christmas. That year she had a very special item on her list for Santa and was sure he would not disappoint. At the break of dawn Peg joined her brothers and sisters at the top of the stairs waiting for the official "Go" signal Mom would give like the starter at the beginning of an Olympic sprint. Out of the blocks she raced down those steps and stood with her heart filled with all the love she felt for Santa. Santa had fulfilled her wish and brought her the brand new bicycle she had asked for. Bright red with the shiniest fenders wrapped around those white walled tires. This was a Christmas with that special memory she never forgot.


    Today Peg gets to relive that Christmas each year over and over by helping to bring that special memory to many children through her organization Santa's Wheels. Peg started by partnering with Captain Laura Dixon at the Chester Township Police Department and donated a bike to a needy family each Christmas in memory of her mother who passed away on Christmas day. That act of charity spread to other family and friends and Santa's Wheels was born. Santa's Wheels is a group of Peg's family who organize the collection of new bikes that are donated to needy families. For the past five years Captain Dixon and other police officers spend their Christmas Eve night helping Santa by distributing the bikes to each family after the children are asleep dreaming of that special memory they are hoping for. The generosity of many contributors have helped bring the joy of Santa to both parents and children.


    This year Santa's Wheels will again be holding their Annual Bike Drop-off Event at Stephen DiBlasi State Farm office in Holmes, PA between 12:00 noon and 3:00pm on Sunday December 17th.


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    If you would like to donate a new bike and cannot make our Bike Drop Off Event on Sunday December 17th please email us at:         santaswheels@gmail.com 

    or to schedule a pick-up call Stephanie @ 610-999-3949 or Peg @ 484-840-8054


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